Strong Password for X-cart

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Strong Password for X-CartIncrease the security of your store through the use of strong passwords.

This mod checks, in real time, a user's entered password upon account creation and can prevent account creation with a weak password. This is great for enforcing strong password practices amoung your employees and their admin account.

This is a must have mod for every x-cart store!

Highly configurable. You can configure how long passwords must be, how important you want numeric characters to be in the password, special characters, etc. You can even have different settings for how strong an admin or how strong a customer's password must be.

This mod dynamically tells the customer how strong their password is. It displays a popup telling the custoemr if their password is not strong enough. And different rules can be applied for customers and administrators.

Configurable options include:

  • Length
  • Use of numeric characters
  • Use of special symbols
  • Letter casing