Smasher Smart Search for X-Cart


If you are looking for a search engine that can search static pages on your X-Cart site or provide administrative reports of your customer's searches, Smasher Smart Search is for you. Our experience indicates when most people search products within a site, they expect to find what they’re looking for on the first page of results, or they’ll abandon the site. Smasher nearly always delivers the results people are looking for on the first page, which means more satisfied, potentially more loyal customers and ultimately increases sales. Features include Popular Search & Recent Search sections, Boosting, Promotional links, Auto suggestion of keywords, sorting the results & Filtering the results and advanced reports like search activity, navigation activity, top searches & promotional activities.

Smasher is available in two flavors with features to fit any budget:

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Base Pro
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Base Pro
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Report - Navigation Activity IconBlueCheck2
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Base Pro
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Index Based Searching:

Searches through millions of words across thousands of products of different categories in a fraction of a second. For users it provides high-speed search capabilities, with powerful search expressions; Phrase matching, Boolean (NOT, OR and AND) operators

Phrase matching:

Surrounding portions of a query with quotes causes the contained keywords to be treated as a phrase, search results will contain the words in the phrase in precise order.

Search Across All Your Content:

Smasher will search across all your content returning all items within a single search results page. This includes; products, manufacturer/brand, static pages, categories etc.

Result summary & keyword highlighting:

Result summary is an extract of the original text showing as many of the search keywords as possible. Summary can include multiple extracts from various parts of the document when words are not close enough.

AJAX based auto-complete:

Auto-complete can be enabled for the Search Box.

Search Suggestions:

Suggested queries that are related to a particular search term are shown at the top of the results page and below each search result to help visitors refine or expand their search. Learning Search also presents spelling suggestions when people enter miss-spelled words.

Popular Search & Recent Search:

Recent and popular search key words will be listed in the Customer side, So that customers will find the products more easily.


Boosting allows you to control the relevance of a Product by boosting individual terms. For example, if you are searching for “ X-Cart Module “ and want the term " X-Cart " to be more relevant, boost it by adding the boost factor next to the term.

Promotional ads:

Smasher allows you to add a promotional ad for products and it will list them in Customer side, based on the search results. This is very similar to Google Adwords. With Promotional ads Management, you can create and run ads for the products that want to promote quickly and simply. Promotional ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches in the site using one of the defined promotional keywords. Ads appear under 'Promotional/Sponsored links' in the side column of a search page or may also appear in additional positions above the free search results. That way, you'll be advertising to an audience that's already interested in your products.

Auto suggestion words:

Smasher will suggest the relevant Product Names automatically based on the words in the search bar and help the customers to find the product faster (what they're looking for).

Result Order:

Results will be displayed in the Relevant Order and it can be sort by various options: Price low to high, Price high to low, Alphabetical (A-Z), Alphabetical (Z-A) & Date added

Refine Search:

Smasher presents search results with the same navigational refinements as the rest of your site, providing a consistent user experience across search and navigation. For instance, a search for "dresses" would show normal search results and also present a navigable list that would allow the visitor to refine their search by Price, Brand, Category and Manufacturer

'Did You Mean?' spelling suggestions:

Smasher provides spell checking for search queries. This section closely resembles the "Did You Mean...?" feature seen on Google and Yahoo!

Advanced Search:

Customers can use this option to automatically construct their query. (Alternatively, customers can type search operators directly into the search box.)

Stop Words:

Sometimes, some extremely common words which would appear to be of little value in helping select products matching a user need are excluded from the search entirely. Stop words are not searchable unless they are enclosed in brackets ({}) or double (" ") quotation marks.


Smasher allows e-commerce store owners to view the statistics of search results in given period of time. Smasher will generate a report based on the activities for : Overall Activity, Search Activity, Navigation Activity, Filter Activity, Sort Activity, Top Searches, Top Product From Search & Top Promotional Links