Joomla Showroom announces the release of Event Registration Pro version 1.5.15.

  1. New features include:
    Create a complete installer with automatic upgrading of the component, database, modules, plugins and Joomfish files. Now you will be assured to have the latest updates for all your plugins and modules as well as the core component.
  2. New Google maps module - event locations will be shown on a new Google Maps module.
  3. Add category field in search section for front end.
  4. Add category view, now admins can create the link of events for particular category.
  5. Add location view, now admins can create the link of events for particular location.
  6. Add "Add to outlook" button to add the event in Microsoft Outlook from event details page.
  7. Add feature to print the event details from event details page.
  8. Add registration id field in excel sheet export.
  9. Add feature to manually change the payment status by admin section.
  10. Add feature to manually send the confirmation email to user by changing the status from pending to accepted status.
  11. Add Mootools JavaScript library for registration form validations.
  12. 2 new event admin email templates have been added. Now you can customize the event admin/coordinator email to include the data that you want to allow.
  13. Added a feature to choose the ordering type of front event listing from config settings.
  14. Minor usability enhancements in the admin side.
  15. Set the available quantity of each ticket choice.

We reccomend our clients using Event Registration Pro upgrade to version 1.5.15. The cost for upgrading varies depening on your particular situation. Please submit a Support Ticket to begin the upgrade process. We will respond with a firm quote for upgrading your Event Registration Pro to this newest release. Remember you must log-in to the Client Area to subbmit a support ticket.

Friday, October 1, 2010

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