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Tutorials - Computer, Internet and Email

Computer Basics


This is a great course for refreshing your knowledge of computer hardware, software, networks, servers, and the cloud. It will also discuss the different types of computers, like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


Email 101


This is a great refresher course for how to use email. It includes knowledge about contact and calendar tools, email etiquette and safety, and how to avoid phishing and scams.


Beyond Email


This is a great course for refreshing your knowledge of online communication, chat, instant messaging, online phone calls, video chats, text messages, direct messages, social posts, and blogging.


Internet 101


This is a great refresher course about the Internet, how it is used, and how to connect to the Internet. It includes some browser basics, and search engine strategies.


Internet Safety


This is a great refresher course for staying safe on the Internet. You will learn the importance of passwords and how to protect your computer from Internet threats. You will learn how to protect your financial transactions and how to stay safe during social networking. You'll also learn wireless and mobile device safety.


The Parent’s Guide to Internet Privacy


This is a course for parents to keep their children safe while using the Internet.


More tutorials


There are many more tutorials available, including browsers like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, word processors like Microsoft Word, spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. You can learn about operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Check out the list of topics to see which ones you are interested in.